8:00-8:45 am
Pre-conference Session 1
Capitalizing on Change: Skills for the New Era of B2B Marketing
With Millennials on their way to dominating the workplace while assuming more and more buying responsibility, the techniques that marketers have relied on for decades to attract customers are fading. New methods of marketing to this new generation are now required. And brand promise, once delivered mainly externally, now must be delivered throughout the organization. This session, based on new research from the BMA FORUM at Northwestern University, will examine these challenges and provide recommendations on how to successfully navigate the future.
Michelle Smith
SPEAKER: Michelle M. Smith, SPIM, CRP, VP, Research, BMA, and VP, Marketing, O.C. Tanner Linkedin
9:00-9:45 am
Pre-conference Session 2A
Stand Out and Win More New Business
The agency market is large, fragmented and confusing to clients. With hundreds of agencies to choose from, how can an agency stand out today and win more new business? The highly regarded principals of one of the world’s top agency (and client) advisory firms will share their experiences based on managing hundreds of agency reviews. Topics will include how to differentiate your agency, b2b marketing magic that agencies should follow, how to bond with prospects and re-inventing the pitch.
Steve Boehler Robin Boehler
SPEAKER: Steve Boehler, Founding Partner, Mercer Island Group Twitter Linkedin
SPEAKER: Robin Boehler, Founding Partner, Mercer Island Group Linkedin
9:00-9:45 am
Pre-conference Session 2B
From Price to Advice: Generating Sustainable Advantage in B2B Markets
Most b2b companies believe that providing products and services to other companies at the lowest price is the key to success. However those that see this as their only function are easily replaced. Moving beyond competition based solely on price takes more than delivering a product or service; it requires helping your customers succeed by helping them improve their performance. B2b companies that fail to understand this lose the steadfast and lucrative advantages of customer engagement and customer impact.
John Fleming
SPEAKER: John Fleming, Chief Scientist, Marketplace Consulting, Gallup Consulting Linkedin
10:00-10:45 am
Pre-conference Session 3A
Marketing for Profit, Not Just Sales
Typical “customer-driven” marketing strategies focus on driving sales rather than profit. One of the world’s leading and most respected b2b pricing authorities will provide a clinic on how some companies target customers and design offers that drive profit growth even in highly competitive and slow-growth markets. His talk will challenge you to change your marketing goals from sales growth to value creation, target customers to leverage your unique capabilities, and re-engineer your marketing function to drive growth more profitably.
Tom Nagle
SPEAKER: Tom Nagle, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Monitor Deloitte Linkedin
10:00-10:45 am
Pre-conference Session 3B
Improv for Sellers + Marketers
If you want to become better at creating, innovating and connecting with an audience or becoming more resilient in the face of setbacks, the pros from The Second City can help. In this lively, fun workshop, they’ll show you how to think like an improviser and how to apply tools and techniques from the improv world to become better sellers and marketersYou'll see how to find opportunity, explore possibility and feel the power of shifting from "No, but" to "YES, AND.”
Mark Sutton Becca Barish
SPEAKER: Mark Sutton, Artistic Director of Training and Development, Second City Works Linkedin
SPEAKER: Becca Barish, Facilitator, Second City Works Linkedin
Second City
11:00-11:45 am
12:00-12:05 pm
Opening Video
12:05-12:45 pm
Opening Remarks
Steve Liguori Howard Sherman Bob Liodice
SPEAKER: Steve Liguori, 2014-15 Chair, BMA, and Founder and CEO, Liguori Innovation Twitter Linkedin
SPEAKER: Howard Sherman, 2015-16 Chair, BMA, and Global CEO, Doremus Twitter Linkedin
SPEAKER: Bob Liodice, President and CEO, Association of National Advertisers Linkedin
12:45-1:15 pm
Keynote Session
The Changing Face of B2B Marketing
Digital has always played an important role in b2b decisions, but over the past two years both the decision maker and the buying process have changed dramatically. In this kickoff session, hear about new research from Google and Millward Brown Digital that highlights five defining digital shifts that affect every business, including the revelation that 46% of business buyers are now millennials. Learn how to optimize your content and marketing strategy and position your business for today’s future.
Jim Lecinski
SPEAKER: Jim Lecinski, Vice President, U.S. Sales and Service, Google Twitter Linkedin
1:15-1:45 pm
Keynote Session
A Whole New Train of Thought: Delivering Customer Outcomes
GE Transportation was established over a century ago, serving as a pioneer in passenger and freight Diesel-Electric and Electric locomotives. Today we are revolutionizing our rail business by shifting from selling specs and point solutions to delivering outcomes and entire systems solutions to help our customers solve their toughest challenges. Learn and gain insights into how the Industrial Internet is changing the way GE Transportation markets, sells and delivers outcomes to our customers.
Russell Stokes
SPEAKER: Russell Stokes, President & CEO, GE Transportation Linkedin
1:45-2:15 pm
Keynote Session
Being 3M
Knowing yourself and listening to the world around you is as important as ever. For more than 100 years, 3M has used science to power a disruptive stream of innovation across every aspect of life. We’ll share how 3M has made a strategic investment to better understand and then amplify the story behind the company's DNA, encouraging current customers and employees to take a fresh look at us and inspiring a new generation to understand the impact we have on companies, homes and lives around the world.
SPEAKER: Jesse Singh, SVP of Marketing and Sales, 3M Linkedin
2:15-3:00 pm
Networking Break
3:00-3:15 pm
G.D. Crain, Jr., Award
Announced at every annual BMA conference the 1969, the prestigious G.D. Crain, Jr., Award, named after the founder of Crain Communications and co-founder of BMA, will be presented to a BMA member for career achievement and exceptional service to the advancement of the association and profession at the national level.
Rance Crain
3:15-3:45 pm
Keynote Session
The Rise of the Data-Driven Marketer
As predictive analytics become core to identifying meaningful prospects, b2b marketers are becoming an indispensable part of the b2b buyer journey. Hear LinkedIn’s head of marketing solutions products and the founder of Bizo, which LinkedIn acquitted in 2014, discuss how b2b marketers are making meaningful strides in their lead-generation efforts. He also will describe the role data plays in how customers use LinkedIn products like LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMail and the still very new SalesNavigator.
Russel Glass
SPEAKER: Russell Glass, Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions; Founder, Bizo and author, The Big Data-Driven Business: How to Use Big Data to Win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profits Twitter Linkedin
3:45-4:00 pm
Firestarter Session
Marketing: Beyond the Marketing Department?
Building customer relationships has always been a primary objective of b2b marketers. But, as things have become more digital, have service, sales, IT and HR grabbed more control of the brand experience? Hear some of the latest research on how this once clear-cut role of marketers is increasingly being shared.
Francesca Brosan
SPEAKER: Francesca Brosan, Chairman & Founder, Omobono Ltd. Linkedin
4:00-4:45 pm
Keynote Session
Mission: Innovation—Creating a Compelling Case for Change at a Successful B2B Company
“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.” Voltaire seemed to understand what companies today are going through. The status quo is powerful, and without a strong opposing force, innovation in a corporate environment becomes focused on “quick wins,” overlooking marketplace trends and shifts. In this session, leaders from Motorola Solutions’ innovation organization will discuss creating an environment that fosters purpose-driven innovation by weaving together research and development, technology and the customer’s voice.
Eduardo Conrado Greg Meyers Paul Steinberg
SPEAKER: Eduardo Conrado, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Motorola Solutions Twitter Linkedin
SPEAKER: Greg Meyers, Corporate VP and CIO, Motorola Solutions Linkedin
4:45-5:15 pm
Keynote Session
Buzz Kill: The Real Deal on Today’s Marketing Imperative
Social media. Big data. Analytics-driven marketing. Personalization. Let’s kill the buzzwords and get down to the business of exploring how to deliver impact in our rapidly changing marketplace where customers are increasingly tuning out marketing messages and tuning to each other. Hear two top b2b marketers face-off to face up to the realities of today’s marketing challenges. Learn the CMO’s marketing imperatives and how this organization is rising to the challenge.
Neal Campbell Lauren McCadney
SPEAKER: Neal Campbell, CMO, CDW Linkedin
SPEAKER: Lauren McCadney, Director, Digital Engagement and Social Media, CDW Twitter Linkedin
5:15-5:30 pm
Firestarter Session
An Important "Call to Arms" for B2B Marketers
Firms everywhere are making short-term decisions with long-term consequences. All in the name of “making the quarter,” many are sitting on cash, impeding organic growth, the lifeblood of our economy. We marketers need to help our firms build asset value in ways that create jobs and drive profitable organic growth.
Ralph Olivia
SPEAKER: Ralph Oliva, Executive Director, ISBM Linkedin Personal Website
5:30-6:00 pm
Keynote Session
Social Disruption: The Vertical Network Arrives
More than $1 billion has been invested in the social networks that are defining and capturing millions of professionals in entire industries – education, healthcare, technology, research & development, architecture/design, and many others. These vertical networks are connecting buyers and sellers in more direct ways, fostering immediate conversations, and opening new, more concentrated ways for b2b marketers to reach and engage with their customers and prospects.
SPEAKER: Jay Hallberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Spiceworks Twitter Linkedin Personal Website
6:00-9:30 pm
Open Evening
9:30 pm-1:00 am
Young Professionals Mixer
If you're around 30 or under, make your last evening stop at the Public House, 400 N. State, for more boisterous networking with fellow young professionals as well as national and chapter-level BMA leaders. Plenty of great food and drink will be on hand at this popular Chicago watering spot, just a few walkable blocks, or a short cab ride, from the Sheraton and nearby hotels. Just be back in the BMA15 ballroom Thursday at 8 am sharp for Joe Pulizzi!
Public House

Day 2 - Thursday, May 28

Day 3 - Friday, May 29

May 27-29

Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers


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